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Work with Coach Skip for free during our beta phase. Be among the first to explore its innovative features and help shape the future of AI-powered running coaching. Your feedback is invaluable in making Skip even better for runners everywhere.

Why Choose Skip?

Features and Benefits:

Skip offers a dynamic range of features to enhance your training experience:
- Custom Training Plan Tailored to your specific goals and schedule, ensuring you're always on track.
- General Advice From race day strategies to gear recommendations, Skip is your go-to source for running queries.
- Personalized Guidance Get a weekly personalized letter from Skip and his team of assistances.
- Conversational Coaching engage through chat, replacing complex dashboards with simple, human-like interactions to guide your training.

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Strava Integration

Connect Skip with your Strava account to let our assistant coaches track and analyze your activities. If you dont have a Strava account, sign up here:

Agile Training

Life Changes

Schedules change and your training plan should to. Skip will see what you're doing and adjust. Or just tell coach whats coming up and your plan will adjust.

How It Works

Just start chatting

- Choose a target event or personal goal.
- Review your long-term training plan.
- Your weekly training program adjusts to you.
- Receive Skip's weekly letter, packed with personal insights.
- Check-in daily to chat about your plan, progress, or questions.

Data Privacy

Secure Chat

TeamSkip prioritizes your privacy and data security above all. Our system is built from the ground up to safeguard your information, ensuring controlled data flow and preventing unauthorized access.

Accountability Management

24/7 Coaching

Skip combines the power of language models and proprietary neural networks for deep understanding of your program. At anytime; discuss your goals, training plans, and fitness activities. Skip is at each step of your running journey, no matter when you need the support.

About Us

The Team Behind Skip

Co-founded by Glen and Ben, athletes with a passion for fitness and technology, TeamSkip is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge training techniques to runners worldwide. Our experience in endurance training and racing, coupled with expertise in software development and AI, makes Skip your ideal running partner.

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Embark on Your Running Journey

As a beta tester, you get early access to all of Skip's features at no cost. Your insights and experiences will play a crucial role in refining Skip's capabilities. Plus, you'll enjoy the benefit of connecting to Strava for a comprehensive view of your training progress.

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